Ordering Vertical Blinds

Recently Rainbow Blinds have invested heavily in our vertical blinds department as we look to improve our efficiency in bringing you the best quality products at the best prices for your profit margin.

Part of this process is to ensure that when you order vertical blinds from Rainbow Blinds, we are all talking the same language.

We offer three different measuring methods for our vertical blinds – Recess, Hem to Hem or Exact Blind Size. Below are explanations of what we mean for each term and what you will receive when you choose these options.


You have measured the window recess, we will make a vertical blind to fit perfectly in this recess. From your drop measurement, your headrail will be 45mm, your clearance will be 7mm and the rest will be slat fabric.

vertical blinds -diagram of recess measuring method

Hem to Hem

You have measured the slats’ fabric from the top hem to the bottom hem. We will make the slat fabric to this drop size. No headrail adjustment. No clearance added.

vertical blinds -diagram of hem to hem measuring method

Exact Blind Size

You have measured the space you want the vertical blind to cover and given us the width and drop. We will make the blind so that the drop will be from the top of the headrail (45mm) to the bottom hem of the slat fabric. We do not add any clearance.

vertical blinds -diagram of exact blind size measuring method

Remember to state if you want face fix or top fix brackets in your order.

Did you know we do different coloured vertical headrail?

Our slimline Vogue headrails offer the ideal finish to our collection of vertical blind fabrics and is sure to complement the décor of every room in the home.
  • Choice of five colours and finishes – Black, Brown, Champagne, Silver, White
  • Coordinating or contrasting components are also available
selection of vertical headrail colours from Rainbow Blinds

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